In any career, effective time management is crucial to success. Unfortunately, today’s busy professionals often have to multi-task at a level at which it is difficult to maintain a successful work and life balance without assistance. If this sounds familiar, you may find that you can maximize your time by using a virtual assistant, as long as you adhere to a few key points.

  • Choose an assistant with experience. Training a novice can take unnecessary time, which defeats the purpose of an assistant. Be clear at the outset as to the software and technology with which your assistant needs to be familiar, and hire someone with the appropriate skill level to handle necessary tasks.
  • Start small and build gradually. When you and your assistant are getting acquainted, assign small projects that will not cause major problems if completed incorrectly. As your relationship grows, so will your confidence in your assistant’s ability to handle larger tasks.
  • Delegation is key. Many of the tasks necessary to keep your life running are not necessarily the ones that will promote your career goals. These are the things that need to be assigned to your assistant, in order to free your time for more important matters. Tasks such as errands, social media posting, data entry, tracking expenses, and sorting through voicemail and email are better left to an assistant.
  • Communicate with focus and clarity. Because face-to-face communication will be limited, it is even more important to have clarity in your expectations. Send emails that are clear and well organized, so that your assistant can fully understand your requirements.
  • Eliminate stress to improve your focus. Understanding that you cannot do everything on your own is the first step toward creating an environment of growth and success. If you are serious about advancing your career, you must narrow down your to-do list in order to give yourself the freedom to concentrate on the things that are truly important. In so doing, you will alleviate your own stress and create a more peaceful balance in your life.

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