Master The Power of Connection and
stregnthen your relationships,

deepen connection,

enhance your ability to influence and

get more yeses!

Have you ever gotten so frustrated and said to yourself…


“I know this is a good idea. Why isn’t everyone saying ‘of course I’ll support it?’”

“I don’t understand why people are being so uncooperative. I’m sick of the drama.”

“Networking really does feel like work.”

“Hello? Is anybody there? Did you get my email?”

- It does not have to be that way! -

You can have meaningful, supportive relationships

with genuine connectionand propel your personal and professional success.

That is important because, your relationships have the greatest impact on your creativity, productivity, energy and everything you do, think and say.


You’ll make your greatest impact and do your greatest work and live your boldest dreams when you feel boldly confident, competent and powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. Your words influence and inspire. Your creativity and productivity explode.


You need to be surrounded by people that make you feel connected and so energized that you are “no caffeine needed” passionate and confident about your work. And admired for it!


Take the frustration out of connecting in meaningful, supportive personal and professional relationships.


Eliminate the factors that subconsciously and unintentionally cause you, and others, to create tension, cause challenges or sabotage connection.


The program series that will help you radically increase support for your collaborations, projects and work, get more people saying yes to you and help you glide into the inner circles where collaboration happens.

In this course you will unpack the 3 significant factors that impact how and whether you connect with others:

Expectations, Intention and Chemistry

The DNA of all relationships.

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Module 1 – The Relationship Detox Manifesto

Immediate downloadable ebook

It’s all about Expectations

The work you must do before anything else you learn about connecting, or have learned about networking, can have beneficial results. The discoveries you make in this module will set you up to Create Space for Connection.

You’ll recognize how ego, emotional triggers, misunderstood stories, fear responses and subconscious instincts to self-protect, may unintentionally sabotage your relationship skills.

You'll recognize and understand how the same factors impact how others engage with you.

You’ll learn how your expectations, and the expectation of others, can unintentionally sabotage and cause unnecessary challenges in your relationships.

Understand the impact of fear responses and love responses and revolutionize your thinking, what you communicate, how you engage others and whether you show up authentically or with hesitation.

Module 2 – Creating Space for Connection

30 day email series with work pages

It’s all about Intention

Create space that invites others to enthusiastically, willingly and unselfishly offer to help, support you and collaborate with you.

Transform your thoughts, words and focus from anxiously wanting to connect to being able to connect with ease and with authenticity.

Eliminate the things that sabotage your people skills.

Learn habits that take the effort out of connecting with others and the work out of networking.

Transform your relationships  and deepen connection.

Change your focus from fear thoughts and insecurity to love and certainty.

Understand that insecurity and insincerity can be sensed from across the room.

Module 3 – The Art of Connecting

Downloadable ebook

It’s all about Chemistry

How to attract and connect with those whom you can truly make extraordinary impact.

Uncover less obvious similarities and deepen relationships.

How to celebrate differences so that they are not a barrier.

How to build rapport genuinely.

Leverage your uniqueness and charisma to connect authentically.

Get out of the rat race of trying to figure out networking


You’ll receive the monthly series Strengthen Your Relationships and Deepen Connection to boost your people skills and expand your influence.

A $597 value! Free!

The program is presented to you in this specific order to maximize the benefit you will gain. It takes the guess work out of where to start and how to continue.

Your relationships affect everything. Accelerate your journey to your highest potential. Surround yourself with an abundance of inspiring, supportive relationships.

Boldly and confidently connect with anyone with ease and without hesitation.


One of the most underappreciated areas of personal and career development is the ability to connect and engage with others in a way that supports living to our highest potential and making our impact.


Individuals who understand the power of connection are able to share their thoughts and ideas with a compelling message, predict and understand behavior, connect with others and collaborate with ease. They are the people who experience more career, financial and social success.


You can get more invitations to the inner circles. You can get invitations to be a part of mega collaborations that make significant impact.



This program is designed to help you to surround yourself with supportive relationships. It is timely. There is a shift occurring in the way we work together from competition and judgement to collaboration and cooperative. If you are stuck in the old model of networking and expectations of relationships you won’t be invited to join those who have shifted, because like attracts like. What you practice you attract.

Since you’re still reading, you must know that positive relationships energize you and breath power into your work. You owe it to yourself to recognize how connecting authentically will propel you to higher professional levels, experience more meaningful and satisfying relationships and help you make the impact you’re intended to make.


I want you to learn everything you need to connect confidently and without hesitation and make the impact you are supposed to make. I want you to have the relationship skills you need to be an outstanding success today and into the future. A person who collaborates with others and inspires others to want to collaborate with them will make positive impact.

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Your relationships influence everything. You owe it to yourself and the people you are meant to collaborate with to connect authentically, confidently and without hesitation.

You have everything to gain — there’s no limit to the success that’ll happen for you when you are surrounded by an abundance of supportive, inspiring, collaborative and uplifting relationships.


Before your next social or professional event...

To deepen the connections you already have...

To stregnthen and transform your current relationships...

To attract an abundance of supportive, inspiring and collaborative relations...

Apply what you discover and you’ll immediately see that there’s no limit to success
when you make genuine connection and surround yourself with supportive relationships.

To your success,

Founder of Positively Successful Magazine and
Creator of The Power of Connection

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