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Keeping Your Career Ahead of the Curve – page 5
During times of uncertainty the average person will play it safe, but the true leaders will make bold moves.

Becoming Indispensible –An Effective Strategy for Career Success – page 8
It wasn’t long ago that the workforce experienced tremendous layoffs, and the concern of job security still looms. Becoming indispensable to an employer is an essential career strategy.

Authentic Leadership May Cure What Ails Us – page 11
What does it mean to be an authentic leader? One positive outcome from the down economy and recent corporate scandals and management malfeasance is that the spotlight is shining on this questions.

Leading Change – Lessons from the Trenches – page 14
Change is the best part of growth and the smart leader does more than embrace change, the smart leader takes the lead during change.

New Management Skills for the Future – page 18
Management centered on control and efficiency will not suffice in an environment where adaptability, creativity and collaboration are the drivers of success.

Transitioning from Manager to Leader – Why So Many Fail – page 22
Successful leadership begins with a clear understanding of the skills required of an effective leader rather than an effective manager.

Developing Your Professional Brand – It’s No Longer a Choice, but a Necessity – page 27
If you have ever wondered why you were overlooked for promotion, the answer could rest in your professional packaging. When it comes to propelling your career, take cues from the marketing industry — your brand is what gets you selected.

Land Your Dream Job with Social Media – page 30
Use social media to highlight your expertise, stand out and get noticed.

Your Career Success Relies on Remaining Relevant  – page 33
In a world that is ever-changing, the act of reinventing yourself and being a continual learner becomes more a necessity than a simple personal choice. That’s because rapid change has become constant, and to stay the same actually means to fall behind and become obsolete.

Becoming a Peak Performer – Learning from Performance Psychology – page 37
What do Olympic athletes, sports icons, Carnegie Hall performers and many successful business leaders have in common, and how can the answer help to advance your career?

Courage – The Motivation to Face Challenges – page 40
We all have the foundation of confidence and courage and you can’t succeed personally or professionally without developing these muscles.

The Imposter Syndrome – Don’t Let It Stall Your Career – page 43
Have you ever fell that eventually someone will discover you are not really qualified for the leadership role?

Stay Fit, Stay Connected and Stay Informed – The Physical, Social and Career Advantages of Sports – page 46
While the connection between sports and physical health may be obvious, what might not be as clear is the link between sports and career success.  Research turns up interesting parallels between the two.

Ladies it’s Time to Get in the Game – The Answer to More Women on the Golf Course – page 48
Golf does not need to be an all-day sport, and the relationship development and networking at the 19th hole can help advance your career.

Forget Time Management – Manage Your Energy Instead – page 50
Time.  There never seems to be enough of it but there are more things we want and need to do with this limited resource. Colored boxes and scheduling in fifteen minute increments is not enough.

You Career Advancement Plan Must Include Developing Your Cultural Intelligence – page 53
Lack of aptitude in global leadership competencies causes critical problems in interpersonal misunderstandings, strategic planning and implementation.

How to Discover Your Career Path – page 56
You are frustrated with the slow pace of your career advancement. Because management makes all the decisions, you may not recognize that you can influence the creation of new roles. Explore your options.

Creating a Professional Development Plan – page 58
Doing what makes you happy and fulfilled at work is essential to a successful career — not to mention a happy and balanced life. And being fully engaged in work you enjoy allows you to contribute, confidently take risks and add value that gets noticed.

Leadership Skills for the Future

The Best Leaders Will Create the Future
The leaders of the future will need to possess a strong maker instinct to remain relevant, even if it does not lead to the development of the next big idea.

New Behaviors for the Future
With the scope and speed of current change, there will be new opportunities spotted by those who are open to seeing them and who welcome the future despite the environment of constant change, ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability.

Learning Agility – The Difference Between a Successful Leader and One on the Path to Derailment

Creating a Culture of Connection
With a workforce representing multiple generations and individuals representing many cultures successful communication and collaboration relies on understanding differences and how they can meet on common ground.

The Ys of Leadership
It is time to take a closer look at who makes up this generation and what they are really about; to look at how to harness their energy and incorporate them into the workforce. They may have the answer to leadership in the future.

Find the Future in the Dilemma
If your organization is presented with a problem, the next logical step is to quickly come up with a solution, right? Not so fast.

Vice President of Innovation – Are You Ready for the Title? Part 2
Innovation may start with an idea from a single individual but the development of the idea relies on collaboration and a leader to direct.

Creating Order from Chaos
Things are changing rapidly and it is only chaos if we try to hold onto assumptions of the past that won’t work in the future.

Why Students of Martial Arts are Better Leaders
When we think of leaders, we think of those who consistently perform well under pressure and persevere in times of uncertainty and unrest; someone who is decisive and does not break out in a sweat under pressure. Sounds like a student of martial arts.

Making Connections
Gyna Bivens is connecting the best talent with the best companies and the results are outstanding.

He Who Tells the Best Story Wins
Use the power of a good story to influence and motivate individuals and teams.

A Corporate Culture to Maximize Engagement
There is no doubt that culture affects engagement. Should companies hire individuals who match the culture or should they consider only the most talented?

Avoid Career Stagnation

Running Through the Maze – Keeping Up with Corporate Transformations
With the start of every week there seems to be a new corporate strategy. How do you remain engaged and productive when you don’t know what to expect for week to week?

Are You In the Leadership Pipeline?
Executives have their eyes wide open for their replacements. Have you put yourself in the position to be noticed?

Vice President of Innovation – Are You Ready for that Title?
Creativity has always been an important business skill, and as the economy evolves after the recession, companies will rely on creativity to maintain a competitive advantage. Creativity is a skill often lost to social norms and life experiences, but which can be fostered and revived.

The Dangers of Keeping Your Critics at Bay
Performance reviews conjure up the worst emotions, but they are your key to career success. You can use them to accelerate your career.

Look Globally for Your Next Job Responsibility
Corporations are expanding products and services across the world. They are hiring and collaborating with an emerging global workforce. Leaders must learn to effectively manage and lead a multi-national workforce as business expands globally.

Your Life Is a Series of Relationships
If you change the mix and quality you will accelerate your rate of success.

Collaboration – the Only Way to Remain Competitive
The era of the lone star has passed. Success, both individual and corporate, requires collaboration. Can you make the switch?

Three Fatal Fears – Tackle Them Before They Get You
Fear is paralyzing and can keep you stuck or cause you to make mistakes. Everyone experiences the same fear, but don’t let fear stifle your opportunity for career advancement.

Networking Takes More Time Than You Have But is necessary for Success
Learn how to develop the networks which are mutually beneficial.

Stress, Heart Health & Balance
Trying to successfully balance family life, career, relationships and health can get you stuck in a cycle of stress. Take advantage of social sports to keep you healthy, minimize healthcare costs and maximize relationships.