Learn the Relationship Secrets to Connect with EASE and DEEPEN CONNECTION.

EVERYTHING you want for your life is possible! And the secret to your success is found in your ability to build supportive relationships.

There is one skill that will get you closer to your goals and to creating the life you want to live FASTER. It is an essential super power.

If you want to speed up your journey, get the results, make a bigger impact and navigate inevitable challenges with ease you need others to cooperate and collaborate with you to support your goals.

THAT IS GREAT NEWS BECAUSE THAT MEANS YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW IT ALL. You don’t have to make it all happen. YOU DON'T HAVE TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT. But you do have to surround yourself with people who will fill in any gaps.

The ability to connect with others and build rapport IS AN ESSENTIAL SUPERPOWER for anyone who wants to achieve the goals, live the dreams and create the life they want to live.

It is key to being able to do more, accomplish more, achieve more and make the impact you want to make. It is key to inspiring others to say yes to help you in any way they can. And it is key to gain cooperation with ease.

Because you can live that life but you can’t do it alone. And you don’t have to.

So ARE YOU READY to attract cooperative relationships, build rapport, and deepen connection with those who want to help you create the life you want to live!

Connect w Anyone Relationships

Take a moment to think about how that would change what you feel is possible for your career and your life.

What would you feel inspired and empowered to do?

What bold moves would you make?

How confident and courageous would you feel to step beyond your comfort zone?

Who would you want to connect with, collaborate with and influence your career and your life?

Anyone can have a relationship, but not all relationships have deep connection. The kind of connection that energizes and inspires you take bold action.

Everyone communicates but not everyone can connect with others and build rapport with ease.

So, not everyone can develop authentic deep connection with others that inspires them to say “I’m with you! How can I help you? How can I help you achieve your goals?”

And to create the life that is possible, the life you want to live, you must develop good, supportive, caring relationships.

Your entire business, career and life is about relationships...

You cannot make anything happen for your life without others and when you surround yourself with supportive inspiring relationships everything you want, happens faster.

Think about it:

You can’t get a job without building rapport with the person interviewing you.

You cannot build a successful business without developing rapport with the best talent who believe in your vision and goals and are willing to give 100% effort.

You won’t get the best price on a car if you cannot connect with and build rapport with the sales person, and who wants to pay more for a car than they have to?

You cannot develop the trust required to get the business results for or change the life of your clients if they don't feel connected with you.

And, your life is happier and more fulfilling when you have deep connection in your closest relationships.

Business Relationships Connect with Anyone

But it’s not just about having relationships. Or just about connecting. And it’s not just about who you know and who knows you. It's about who knows you and what they think about you.

What is that magic quality that causes some to easily connect with anyone and makes others instantly respect them? That inspires others to want to help them? That makes everyone want to be their friend?

In their career, they enjoy a consistent and swift rise to the top. What do they have the ability to do?

They know how to create space for connection and create deep, authentic connection quickly.

What it boils down to is they have developed a more skillful way of connecting with people and making them feel connected.

Consistent and perpetual success is what your life is supposed to be, but you can’t do it alone.

You must be surrounded by and be intentional about surrounding yourself with, people who will inspire you to take bold action and who are willing to go out of their way to help you to achieve your biggest goals and to create the life you want to live.

Introducing you to the course designed specifically to improve your relationships,deepen connection with ease and attract supportive relationships. 

Connect with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

7 Modules. Tools. plus Bonuses.

What if making one important discovery could immediately improve every relationship in your life?

In this 7-module course you’ll discover the factors that are important to one of the most valuable but seldom discussed skills that improve any relationship, deepen connection and allow instant connection. That is validation.

Mastery of making people feel validated will enable you to:

  • Cause others to like you and want to connect with you.
  • Cause others to feel at ease, willing to communicate and cooperate.
  • Increase feelings of respect and appreciation.
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • Cause others to be open to your point of view.
  • Leave others feeling like you are the kindest person they know.

Knowing how make others feel connected is a super power. IT IS AN ESSENTIAL SUPERPOWER. BECAUSE connection is what we all want to feel, yet is the number one thing people say they crave. This skill is powerful. 

When people feel connection they are more agreeable and more willing to be cooperative. The principles and practices in this course will give you that super power.

This is a superpower that will improve your business, career and personal life.

And there has never been a better time to make that happen. With so much disruption and uncertainty everything is possible. And with so much disruption and uncertainty you cannot succeed at anything alone.

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, navigate difficult relationships at work, or connect on a deeper level with friends, family and potential business partners, this course delivers practical, proven techniques that will transform the way you think about and connect in relationships in your life and career.

Whether you take 7 days or longer when you finish this course you will:

  • Eliminate the stress from connecting with others.
  • Make anyone feel comfortable around you.
  • Be able to start conversations that are memorable and interesting.
  • Make an unforgettable first impression, leaving others looking forward to spending time with you again.
  • Change your mindset about relationships: hint relationships are not meant to be transactional or competitive.
  • Improve your relationships and deepen connection with intention, presence and ease.
  • Attract and surround yourself with people who inspire you to dream big, take bold action and who will support you to do so.
Cooperation Collaboration Relationships

Connect with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Improve Your Relationships and Deepen Connection


This course will transform the way you connect with others and the way they engage with you.

The ability to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere is a key to being able to do more, accomplish more, achieve more and make the impact you want to make. It is key to inspiring others to say yes to you. And it is key to gain cooperation with ease.

In this digital 7 module bundle plus bonuses you get a guide and tools to learn to:
  1. Love yourself first.
  2. Create space for connection eliminate judgement, release unforgiveness and attract generosity.
  3. Eliminate barriers and inspire others to connect.
  4. Start powerful conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  5. Be a people magnet be intentional about developing a personality that attracts
  6. How to surround yourself with your own success board.
  7. 5 essential tactics for connection and the science behind them.
7 Module Course to Improve Your Relationships and Deepen Connection

You’ll discover:

  • Barriers to connection and how to eliminate them.
  • Unintentional factors that cause tension and how to avoid them.
  • How to make others feel at ease instantly and always, and want to communicate, cooperate and collaborate freely.
  • How to make others feel like you are the easiest person to talk to and to work with.
  • How to build rapport and genuine connection.
  • Practical tips that will transform struggle and exhaustion to cooperation and ease.

Improve Your Relationships Bonus

You’ll also get 3 free bonuses

  1. How to Be a People Magnet – Developing a Personality that Attracts
  2. Be Memorable - Stimulate Conversation with 35 Powerful Questions to Deepen Connection and Inspire Others to Share
  3. 16 Practices Guaranteed to Deepen Connection and Improve Relationships

You just can't put a value on knowing how to develop healthy relationships. They are priceless because they are so important to our happiness, peace, seeing what is possible and living the life of our dreams. When deeply understood and applied the concepts in this course will help you to develop more meaningful connection, improve your relationships and connect with ease. Take this time to improve your relationships, deepen connection and learn how to connect with anyone with ease.


Get started today. You will immediately receive the first module You Hold the Power

The course plus bonuses separately would cost $243 but  get the 7 module course plus 3 free bonuses bundle for $97. Save 60%!

Leanna Butterfield Cruz, founder of Positively Successful Magazine and Living Positively Successful, created this self-directed course to help you to attract collaborative relationships, connect with ease and improve connection in your current relationships.

Our most important skill is our relationship development skill. How to connect with others and build cooperative and collaborative relationships. It is not required learning, but it is required for success in your business, career and life.

Don’t stall your success. Develop this essential superpower. Surround yourself with relationships that inspire you to dream bigger and take bold action and with people who will support you to do so.

Leanna Butterfield Cruz

The most important factor to our success is the people who we surround ourselves with. The people we choose to allow to influence what we believe is possible. 

Surrounding yourself with relationships that are inspiring, energizing, fulfilling, cooperative and collaborative makes achieving goals and navigating inevitable challenges a lot easier. And the good times better.

Developing relationships, building rapport and connecting in supportive relationships is rated as an essential skill for career success, business success and creating an energized life. Being surrounded by and influenced by supportive relationships is an essential source of confidence to take bold action for people who are living their dreams.

There are some unintentional habits that sabotage connection that many, if not all of have but that once recognized and understood are not so difficult to stop doing. In this course you’ll use examples from your own past experiences to help you gain clarity, change those habits and improve future responses.

So, investing time to improve your relationship and deepen connection is one of the best investments in your happiness and success. 

There are no complicated acronyms or strategies. Relationships aren’t supposed to be complicated or hard. You already know that. But there are some simple things that make connecting easier.

Living Positively Successful


Each module and bonus will have information to contact us should you need to contact@positivelysuccessfulmagazine.com